The  Challenger Sports Golf League,  began in 2008  at the Newfane Par 3 course.

The  golf  league plays one game per year in September and is open to players of all ages and ability.  Each player has a physical or mental condition that limits their participation in other competitive sports programs. Games are structured to allow all players to be involved as they are able. Traditional rules are modified and the focus is always on having fun while learning the game. Players enjoy refreshments after their game in the outdoor pavilion.


The Golf games are currently free. Equipment is provided for those who do not have their own.
Golf carts, if desired, are at individual’s expense.


For questions and/or additional information please call:
Jim Benoit (716)795-3433

Mark (716)696-2463 Jen (716)735-7987
Vince (716)439-9600