Every effort will be made to inform players of cancellations due to weather or other problems. If you are ever unsure whether or not a game is to be played, please check your email, our Facebook page or our website, or you can call us at:

Challenger Baseball

· Zimmy (716) 696-2463 Vince (716) 439-9600 


Challenger Sunshine Bowling

Note: When Lockport and/or Medina and /or Niagara Falls schools are closed for weather reasons,

bowling will be cancelled for that location on that day.

·  Allie Brandt Lanes: Jeanine Craddock (716) 433-5976
·  Brad Angelo Lanes: Bill Hillman (716) 434-2390
·  Medina Lanes:Cheryl Naish (716) 795-3056
·  Rapids Bowling Lanes: Marie Maietta (716) 523-8431 or Merry Hedges (716) 694-3127

· Bowling Coordinator: Linda Conlin (716) 433-4845