WNY Challenger SportsWNY Challenger Sports League,  began with a baseball game in the summer of 2002 and has been an overwhelming success story!  Starting with eight players, the league  has grown to six teams with over 100 players as of this year. Over the years, the League has continued to grow while adding new sports. In 2006, the Lockport Sunshine Bowling League, with 30 members, joined the Challenger Sports League. In  2009, bowling  expanded to Medina. In 2018, a similar league in Niagara Falls, run by John Maroon for over 40 years through the Cerebral Palsy Recreation Group until his passing in 2014, joined Challenger. Now the Challenger Sunshine Bowling League has over 170 members bowling in Lockport, Medina and Niagara Falls from September to March. Mini-golf, volleyball, soccer, swimming, football and hockey experiences  have been added between the bowling and baseball seasons. 

Challenger Sports League is open to players of all ages. Each player has a physical or mental condition that limits their participation in other competitive sports programs. Games are structured to allow all players to be involved as they are able. Traditional rules are modified and the focus is always on having fun while learning the game. It’s okay to not play. We try to be very flexible and there is never pressure for the players to participate. Volunteer Buddies are assigned to players needing assistance in any of the sports. We realize there are times when children are tired or upset and we want you to feel comfortable making the decision about an individual’s level of participation. Please let your coaches and your assigned buddy know how they can be helpful in these situations—when to be encouraging and when to back off.  Players are recognized for their efforts with a prize at the end of the season. Throughout the year, players enjoy pizza or hot dogs and a variety of other refreshments at their events. They also have a Christmas party, a valentine dance, an egg hunt, a summer picnic, a Halloween party and a “prom” experience.  All sports games and events are currently sponsored through donations and fundraisers and are free of charge except for bowling.

To participate in this Challenger Sports program, please contact Linda Conlin at lccrib@yahoo.com for a registration form.


Keep abreast of the games and activity dates, times and locations by clicking on the individual sports and events listed above. 


Cancellation announcements will be made in the following ways:

1) An email will be sent to all families who included an email address on their registration form.
2) Games cancelled in advance will be posted to this website.
3) You may call the individuals listed with each sport or event.
4) Our programs are also cancelled when the local school is cancelled for weather conditions.